Pool Heater Installation Procedure

Our order to installation is very simple.

  1. Submit a request via contact us form, please make sure to note the following on the request
    • Whether you currently have a heater installed
    • Size of your pool
    • The size of the swimming pool heater you are looking to have installed
    • Will the installation take place in the existing pool heater location or be moved? Or if this is a brand new installation the please provide us with the distance from the proposed heater location to the gas supply line.
    • Specify if you have heater preference, our would like to find out more about various options

  2. Once, we receive your request, one of our sales agents will contact you via the specified method and provide you with:
    • Quote
    • Potential time of installation
    • Any Discounts and/or promotions you may be qualified for

  3. Once you have accepted the quote, a technician will be dispatched to install the requested heater. Please note that if this is a brand new heater installation or the location of the heater is being changed the time installation time will vary depending on; the size on heater, gas supply line extension and/or adjustments. Typical installation will take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours (not including gas line).

  4. Once the installation is complete our technician will demonstrate how to use your new heater and answer any question that you may have.

Swimming Pool and Spa 


* It is the customers’ responsibility to provide access to the heater installation area.

** An order is considered confirmed, once a work order has been placed and a 50% deposit has been received.