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Pool Heater Replacement & Installation

We only work with the best; Client and Vendors. We only deal with; brand new; top quality heaters. We want to hear from our clients when they want a heater and then when they would like us to maintain it. Our key goal is to sell swimming pool heater that will minimize repair cost. All products break ever so often, we understand that, but our goal is to supply you with the best. Because we believe that if you have a wonderful experience with your heater, when it’s time to maintain it we will be the first on your list. 

Backyard swimming pool

Whether you need your old heater replaced or don't have a heater at all and want one installed, we are here to help you! Natural Gas & Propane Heaters, not a problem! Toronto Pool Heaters has got you covered - our installation procedure is simple and efficient.

So to summarize, we work with top quality products striving to provide top quality service! This is why customers choose us to work with their swimming pool and spa heaters!