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  • Pool Heater Repair and Diagnostic

Pool Heater Repair and Diagnostic

Is your pool cold and/or not warming up? Call the Swimming Pool Heater Experts; we will have a solution in minutes! What makes our repair different? If we can repair your problem during our diagnostic we will not charge you for the repair (only for the initial diagnostic charge). I many cases a heater will not turn on due to contact point rusting and/or disconnecting. We believe that small work should not carry a huge bill behind it. Fair efficient service is key, and we hope you agree with us! 

Swimming pool with a waterfall

Keep in mind we are available 24/7 all year round. So if you are having a party say at 10 pm and your heater stops working, don’t worry now you know who to call! 

Let us assess the damage and provide you with all available option! Repairing Your Swimming Pool Heater should be our problem not yours! Let the experts repair your swimming pool heater today. 

In the circumstance where your swimming pool heater cannot be repaired, and replacement is the only option, our sales staff will present you with am variety of options to select from at discounted prices. After all by this moment you are already our customer, and we take good care of our customers!