Jandy Legacy Pool Heaters

Comfortable heating – Efficiently

Much like the Raypak the Jandy Swimming Pool Heater performs exceptionally regardless of the temperature. It is designed to provide comfort while maximizing combustion efficiency and cost effective heating.

This heater has provided us with very limited repairs and as such stand behind its quality and performance. Much like most common heaters its is available in either Electronic Ignition or Millivolt. The only key difference is the automation of the heater (Electronig ignition) and AquaLink Rs System compatibility (wireless control). Although the electronic ignition comes at a slightly higher price, many customers see it as a miniscule cost provided the additional benefit of automation and ability to control heater wirelessly and when not at home. Just imagine you are on your way home and would like to take a swim. You know that it will take about 1.5 hours for the pool to heat, but would like to dip immediately, what do you do? Simple! With the use of an Aqualink System – use your phone to turn on heater and assign preferred temperature. When you arrive at home your swimming pool is already at the desired temperature level.

Jandy Legacy Pool HeaterKEY FEATURES TO NOTE

  1. Ceramic Fiber Combustion chamber
  2. Control Options
    - Electronic Ignition Millivolt
    - Essentially the automatic (programmable) vs. Manual, this choice really depends on your preferences and a few extra bucks.
    - A
    bility to install AquaLink Wireless Control
  3. Copper Heat Exchanger & Flo-Thru
    - Efficient heat reducing the amount of energy required to heat your pool
  4. Reliable Hit Surface Ignition System
    - Problem – free operation on LRZE model (Electronic Ignition)
  5. Polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5" universal union connections
    Secure and Simple installation
  6. Fuel-Efficient
  7. Natural gas or Propane! 

Large Selection on Heater Size to choose from!

Model Number

Copper Input BTUH

Indoor Stack Dia.

Legacy 125



Legacy 175



Legacy 250



Legacy 325



Legacy 400



If you would like to find out more about ordering a swimming pool heater or about the installation procedure please click here.